Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!

I had a dream a while back, and I can’t remember all of it, but the main gist of it was that there’s a girl who is discovered by this guy. She’s injured, so he helps her (he was returning some kind of favour, but I can’t remember what). She wakes up in this rebel camp, and the guy who saved her is second in command. Then all of a sudden, someone says “The army is here!” Everyone starts gathering all these weapons, and this girl decides to look out of the window. Don’t ask me how the window got there; my dreams never make sense half the time. She looks out, and sees this army of thousands in formation, marching towards this rebel camp. That was the end of my dream.

Well, that kind of coincided with an idea my friend told me that he had for a story. It was dystopian, zombie, war, and action, all rolled into one. It actually sounded fucking cool, so I started brainstorming some ideas with him, and we came to the conclusion that one day we should collaborate and write this series.

Anyway, I think my dream was kind of a variation of my friend’s idea. I don’t know. It seemed different, but I think my friend’s idea was still fresh in my head when I went to sleep and my brain farted out that. So I’ve decided to write an outline of it. I’ve never attempted dystopian or action or anything futuristic at all, so this is going to be interesting..

Let me just say, though, that the only music I’ve been listening to for the last two hours is Alice Cooper, Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden and Bush. Turns out they are good for inspiring dystopian ideas.

I might post my idea to see what you guys think…

Ziggy xo.



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I suck.

Yep. I suck. I haven’t updated or added a new post here in two weeks! That’s a record! I feel so bad, but life has just been.. crazy. At times. Other times I’ve just been watching The Office or reading or actually writing.

Um, well, what new things have been happening in my life? Nothing really. Just Meg drama where this douchebag she liked told me to go ‘neck it’, or in less bogan terms, go hang myself. That was fun. It actually makes me laugh when people say shitty things like that because I really don’t care what they say. It’s good not giving a fuck.

As for that, nothing else. I’ve been saying for fucking ages that I’m going to put some book reviews up, and I haven’t. Typical Ziggy. I’ll get around to it, I promise! I might also put up some writing. I don’t know yet.

Sorry for this short and shitty post. Forgive me!

Ziggy xo.

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I’m going back to 505.

The title of this post has nothing to do with anything except that it’s the lyric of an amazing Arctic Monkeys song, 505, BECAUSE I WENT TO THEIR CONCERT LAST NIGHT AND IT WAS AMAZING! BEYOND AMAZING!

All my nervousness about the concert went out the window when my friend, Han, and I got there at 5pm and there wasn’t that big of a line (apparently the concert wasn’t even sold out. Guess there aren’t heaps of Arctic Monkeys fans in Brissy). I think it finally hit us that we were actually going to see them live that night.. because all day we’d been talking about how it feels like a dream, like it’s not even happening. Which is a feeling of elation I always get whenever I go to a concert because I’ll be seeing this musician I’ve been listening to for ages in the flesh, live, in the same vicinity as me!

Anyway, we got there, grabbed something to eat and sat down on the grass hill. Soon after, the opening act, Violent Soho, a Brisbane grunge/alt/heavy rock band came on and they were so good! Before the concert, I’d downloaded their stuff and I loved it! They were no disappointment live, that’s for sure. Although an intro of one of their songs sounded like ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana, and another one sounded like a Blink-182 song, so I guess they have pretty good influences…

Then Miles Kane came on, which Han and I were also pretty excited about because Miles Kane and Alex Turner (of Arctic Monkeys) have a band of their own, The Last Shadow Puppets, and their whole album pretty much sounds like the soundtrack to any James Bond movie. It’s awesome. Miles Kane also has a solo album, which is so good! Han and I are pretty big fans of him too, so half way during his set, we decided to go into the mosh pit.

I know I said that we both hate mosh pits, but we just decided to try it and face our fears, and what better way to do that than at an Arctic Monkeys concert?

Well, never again.

During Miles Kane’s set, the mosh wasn’t that bad. We managed to get into the middle, and by the time his set finished, we were kind of near the front.

All hell pretty much broke loose when the Arctic Monkeys came on.

They opened with ‘Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair’, and as soon as the intro came on, everyone started fucking pushing and shoving, and this huge fat guy behind Han was pushing so fucking hard. It was so fucking horrible! I thought I was going to explode from all these bodies pushing up against me and I couldn’t even breathe.

After the first song, and during the second, Han and I managed to make our way out, sweaty and thank god to be alive.

I don’t know how people can like it or stand it for that matter! I mean, sure, I would have loved to be less than a metre away from Alex Turner, but I wouldn’t risk my life for it! Fuck that!

Then we enjoyed the rest of the concert at a safe distance and had pretty much the best fucking night ever! It was over all too soon, though. They were only on for an hour and a half and they could have at least played 3 or 4 more songs, I reckon. They had enough time and songs to do it!

But anyway, it was amazinggggggggg! ahhhhh! I don’t have any good photos though, otherwise I would post them!

In other news, I got accepted into university at Griffith! I’m so fucking excited, but so damn nervous, worrying about what it’s all going to be like! I enrolled the other day, and I have three courses this term, and god, I’m already stressing because I have no clue what to expect!

Also, last night, whilst I was having the time of my fucking life, my friend Kj, was having a going away party because she’s going on exchange to Germany for a year. I would have gone, but obviously, I was going to see the Arctic Monkeys! I’d been waiting for it for months, so I had to say I couldn’t go to my friend’s going away party. I felt so bad, but I don’t regret not going. It was the fucking Arctic Monkeys I saw last night!

Penny was telling me about last night, and from the sounds of things, they had a very memorable night. Penny hooked up with a couple of guys, which is always to be expected, and there was joking and drinking, and people sharing showers together… Kj, Meg and Penny have all been messaging me, saying I missed out on a ‘bloody good night’, ‘seriously good night’, and I’m getting pissed off. I hate being left out of things, and I know it’s my own fault because I had a prior commitment, but still, I feel like they’re making me feel bad. So I got angry and said a few things to Kj, and then she told me to calm the fuck down, and at that point, I felt like saying so much more. I felt like just letting it all out, saying everything I felt.

But instead I apologised.

I feel like kicking myself for it, because nowadays I feel like I always have to restrain from saying what I really want to say so I don’t hurt any of my friends. I don’t want to lose any of them, but I just want to say what I really fucking feel and I can’t because I’ll probably get into a stupid fight with them!

I’ve lost four friends over the last couple of years because I never used to think through what I was about to say, so I would just say it, and express myself, and they would end up getting hurt and I would end up losing them.

Is there a way I can say what I really feel without hurting anyone?

No, I don’t think so…

Ziggy xo.

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Awkward non-hipster.

Yes, I am talking about Alex Turner, that hot sexy talented man. It seems guys with the name ‘Alex’ are just automatically hot and sexy, like Alexander Skarsgård from True Blood, or Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low, and especially Alex Pettyfer the British actor. Ah, they are all so sexy and all share the name Alex and it’s kind of a really weird coincidence that I love.

(Sorry for my absence. I’ve just been doing way too much reading and watching American Horror Story and Sherlock, and I just haven’t felt like blogging. But it seems that I always get the urge to write at ridiculous hours of the morning, and I have a lot to write about. I’ve got a few book reviews, and one weird dream to tell, so I’ll be updating a lot in the next 24 hours.)

Anyway, what does Alex Turner have to do with any of my weird ranting?

If you don’t know who Alex Turner is, please, just stop reading and close your tab or browser. You are dead to me, and therefore, do not have the privilege to read my blog when you don’t know who this great man who has recently started dressing like a 50’s greaser, is.

But if my harsh words haven’t stopped you, I’ll inform you. He’s the lead singer of the English band, Arctic Monkeys, AND IN ABOUT 2 DAYS I’LL BE SEEING THEM LIVE AT THE RIVERSTAGE!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!

I am so fucking excited. Like beyond excited, I think. If that’s possible. I’ve loved them since I was about 13 or 14 and have always dreamed of seeing them in concert! Now I am!!!!!!! (If you want to listen to any of their genius musical stylings, go here. And if you have a phobia of clowns, I’m sorry.)

I’m seeing it with my friend, Han Mats, who is a friend that I don’t really see often because we went to different schools before we graduated. But I’m seeing it with her and staying over at her house, so I’m even more excited to catch up with her! Her best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend will be there, which Han isn’t too happy about, but we’ll have each other, and be in the presence of Alex Turner, so who gives a fuck?

I’m also a little… nervous? Yes, nervous, despite the fact that I’ll be seeing one of my favourite bands since forever in 2 days. It’s because I love seeing bands live, but I don’t like concerts. It’s weird, but true. I love seeing a good band playing their stuff live and hearing it for the first time with them on a stage 20 metres away, but it’s the people that I don’t like. I hate being around that many people; I just hate it. You can’t trust anyone, and you don’t know what they might do. You also usually get fuckwits at concerts which annoys me, and sometimes, those fuckwits start mosh pits which I’m not a fan of. Mosh pits are fucking scary and you could probably get fucking killed. It’s kind of ironic that my favourite type of music attracts a lot of mosh pits, but whatever, I like the fucking music. Mosh pits aren’t going to stop me.

Also, I fucking love the Arctic Monkeys, but a lot of ‘hipsters’ are fans of them. Han Mats is a hipster, but she’s fucking cool. I don’t have anything against hipsters or people like hipsters, honestly. It’s just that I’m not a hipster-type person; I don’t really fit into that stereotype crowd, or any crowd really. I just love the music, so I’ll probably be feeling a little out of my league, and depth, at the concert.

I’ll be awkward as fuck.

But when Alex, Jamie, Nick and Matt get up on that stage, I’ll forget all about and fucking enjoy the music.

At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. :)

But concert people do suck.

Ziggy xo.

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Japan! I love Japan!

Well, Happy New Year! This is the first post of 2012 that I am making, and of course, I’m going to talk about my eventful NYE last night. Get ready.

So Penny and Meg came to my house, with Meg coming straight from the airport, and to my surprise, these two guys we know dropped her off. They are well known stoners, but they are actually really nice guys. One of them, Jordan, is pretty good friends with Penny and Meg, having hooked up with both of them in the past. My first thought when I saw them was “Great. Now they know where I live and what number my unit is.” Is that a bitchy thought? No, because I don’t like people who I’m not associated with, or even acquaintances with, to know where I live. That’s kind of weird, isn’t it?

Anyway, my dad drops us off at this party and not a lot of people were there yet. This is around 8pm, mind you, so no one was really drinking. There was a bunch of adults there, which I felt awkward about. Yeah, let’s fuck shit up and get drunk in front of these random adults! There was also this group of guys there that no one knew. (They come up later in the story…) But there was almost our whole group there, except for Eleanor. So the niggaz were reunited! Me, Durell, Tyreese, and Penny (Meg isn’t part of the niggaz… yet). Then Eleanor turned up and it was a proper reunion!

More people I knew started turning up and Durell brought Vodka so we got stuck into that like alcoholics and then the real night started.

I had one drink of vodka and lemonade and I was already feeling it. One fucking drink. My alcohol tolerance has all of a sudden changed.. but that was okay. So I was hanging around my group, talking to Nanami (fucking hardcore girl, seriously), Bridie (who was talking in her Irish accent for like the whole night because alcohol does that to her), and a bunch of our other friends.

Penny had already found the boys and was talking to three of them, as well as Jordan and Brad (the two guys who dropped Meg off at my house).

I lost track of Eleanor some time after I went out to have a cigarette with Nanami and Chris. I only had one left so we were just sharing it, which made me pretty sad. Then surprise, surprise, here comes Penny with this group of guys who conveniently had smokes. Chris went inside, but Nanami and I stayed as these guys introduced themselves to us. There was two Alex’s. One was talking to Penny pretty much the whole time and he was really cute, and actually nice compared to the guys Penny usually gets with. Then there was Sleazy Alex. That’s what I’m calling him because he was. Then there was this fat guy we never talked to, and this other nerdy guy who was trying to look all tough smoking a cigarette.

Then the mother of the guy who was hosting this gracious party came up and started to talk to the guys. Apparently she knows them pretty well. They were complimenting her and Nanami and I were just awkwardly off the side. We just wanted a cigarette. We finally got a few but they were rollies. Fucking rollies. But I was too drunk to care. They were really strong, and god, I can’t imagine chaining them. Argh! Give me my menthol cigs, thanks.

So within 15 minutes of introducing himself, Sleazy Alex was getting in with Nanami. This is what he said, and please, refrain from falling to your knees and exclaiming “THIS GUY IS A FUCKING LADIES’ MAN!”

He said to Nanami “Wow, you’re Asian. I love Asians. Where are you from?”

Nanami says “I’m from Japan.”

He goes “Oh my fucking god! Japan! I love Japan!”

Clearly this guy just wanted a lay and was trying to get in with her any way he could. Well, it worked because they ended up making out for a good ten minutes against someone’s car on the drive way. It also worked the other four times when he hooked up with four different girls. He even took the virginity of one poor girl, and I feel so bad for her! Meg told me there was blood on the bed… which disturbs me because how could Meg know that? It’s never party unless some poor helpless drunken girl is taken advantage of…

Anyway, it was so awkward because Penny was with this other Alex guy, and between all of this, Brad somehow turned up. So we were awkwardly making small conversation because we don’t really talk a lot unless we are both drunk. At a party a few months ago, Penny and I ended up walking a good 2 kilometres to Chris’ house with Brad for cigarettes and… other things.

Then Sleazy Alex was saying how he got an OP 4 and is going to study to be a doctor. First of all, let me say that Sleazy Alex looked like a dumb arse fuckwit. I know it’s mean to judge a person like that, but he didn’t ooze intelligence. I outright laughed at him and told him I didn’t believe him. I think I offended him but I didn’t really care.

After that, we all made our way inside and I ended up going out the back onto the patio with friends and ended up having a really long conversation with Chris about music and concerts and how the only way to truly enjoy going to them is going intoxicated with illegal substances. When we finished talking to him, I said drunkenly “Wow, it feels like we talked about that for over an hour!” And he laughed and agreed. Oh, Marina. Classic drunk.

It was near midnight then so we all slowly make our way inside, and by this time, Eleanor had left because she wasn’t feeling well, and I’d lost track of Penny. As always. As Durell and I are walking up the stairs, Durell falls into the fly screen door, breaking it, and in turn, knocking me awkwardly to the ground on the stairs. We couldn’t stop laughing whilst Bridie frantically asked us if we were okay. Bless Bridie.

I rang in the New Year with all my friends around me and it was so great. :) I thought ringing in the New Year drunk would be a bad way to start the New Year, but it was the complete opposite!

For a while I continued to hang out with my group and then Durell and I wanted cigarettes so we walked to the petrol station that was a couple of blocks away only to find out it was closed. Mother fuckers! We had to walk all the way back, and then, I lost Durell.

I was hanging outside the front with some random people I don’t talk to much. One guy kept repeatedly saying that he was my bitch and that my purple and blue hair was pretty much the fucking trippiest/coolest thing he’d ever seen. It was so fucking random and hilarious!

It was time to go by then and Penny’s mum was taking me, Meg, Penny and Durell home. Crisis! We couldn’t find Durell anywhere. He had literally disappeared. I ended up sending him a distressing drunken text saying how sorry we were and how we hoped he was okay. I still feel so bad! But he messaged back several times and said “Its okay.” So I don’t know what that means at all..

I also sent a few drunken texts I severely regret, but it’s not a true fucked up night unless you send some texts that make you cringe.

A lot of other stuff happened, but my memory is still a little muddled, and I don’t want to bore you all!

My hangover wasn’t that bad this morning either. Well, not until later. So, that’s a plus!

Happy New Year everyone :)

Ziggy xo.

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Gonna party like it’s 2012.

So tomorrow is New Years Eve and I’m excited as fuck. With one cigarette left, I’m going to a NYE party for pretty much the first time ever. There’s only been a couple of instances with Penny that we’ve celebrated NYE together, and this year, it’s going to be me and all my closest friends drunk as fuck! Best NYE ever, I can already tell.

I’ve re-dyed my hair, so now it’s a fantastical blend of electric blue and purple haze. It looks even fucking better than my original purple hair! It’s a fucking addiction, I swear. Now I just need to become a hairless rodent and do all those womanly things to get ready for the party tomorrow night.

Meg is coming back from Melbourne tomorrow at like, 7pm, and staying with me for a few days. Penny is coming over and we’re all going to the party together! WOOOO! Now I just need to get alcohol, and somehow get cigs from Durell, who’s back from the Philippines, and I’m all set!

Since this is the time when everyone talks about their New Years’ resolutions… I have a confession.

I don’t really have any New Years’ resolutions. I can’t think of any really.

Maybe get a job? Maybe try to finish a novel for once? Maybe do well a university and then transfer? Maybe get healthy?

But with me, making goals or resolutions doesn’t help me in achieving them. By not outright stating what I want to resolve next year, it kind of helps me to actually achieve it. If that makes sense. I don’t know, I’m weird like that.

So I’ve read two books in two days… Maybe that be a resolution: Try to beat my record. It gives me something to do since I’m unemployed!

I’ll post the reviews up either later, or tomorrow, or maybe when I have a hangover on Sunday. If I can.

So goodbye for now, and see you bitches in 2012!

Ziggy xo.

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Current Y.A. lit books.

So I’ve only emerged from my bat cave (my incredibly messy room) to go out and buy some more books. My bookshelf is already overflowing, but with all my Christmas money, I couldn’t resist. I brought four big books and I’m so eager to read them. Once I finish Across The Universe by Beth Revis, which is a cool sci-fi romance and it’s pretty good so far, I’ll start on them. The title is also a reference to The Beatles’ song with the same name and I’ve picked up a subtle lyric that has been put into the book by the author. So clever!

You can listen to this awesome song here if you want some tunes. Or you can also check out the cover by Fiona Apple here which is also pretty fucking good. It’s the only cover I actually like, even though David Bowie did one (but that was shite).

Anyway, I picked up these four books, and I’m pretty fucking excited to read them:

 Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

Legend by Marie Lu

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

I’m so excited! They all sound so good! Once I’ve finished reading each book, I’ll post up a nice big review of what I thought of each book. Lately, I’ve been so into dystopian novels it’s not even funny, and writing reviews.

Don’t expect to hear from me for a few days!

Ziggy xo.

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